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My teaching career began 17 years ago when I decided I would finally become "What I wanted to be when I was grown-up", a teacher.  At that time I had worked for 15 years in the banking and financial industry and was even a stockbroker at one time. I returned to college and graduated with a Masters of Elementary Education from Wilmington University. I became certified to teach art and currently I teach grades PK-8.  Art is my passion and I love what I do! 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Art Materials Play

Today I wanted to play with some supplies that have been sitting on the shelf.  Not sure where I was heading with this, but just started. 

The Distress Crackle paint is what I was really wanting to make work.  It didn't.  The paint was super thick.  I have tried this before and never really got the crackling I was hoping for.  It ended making a real mess of brown and red.  This began the additional layering. 

I wanted to use the gears stencil.  I tried with spray paint and it didn't work.  I tried dabbing with the diarylide, didn't work either.  Then began the additional layering.

The pattern paper was added to tone it down.  This is the original Blooming lady who created Bloomers! See them under her dress? This was a postcard I have had forever given to me by an art friend.  She was raised up with Scrap Dots and so was the arrow informational sign.  Still have some work to do, I am looking to add "Brave and Bold" next.

CAPI: Creating Sketchbooks

I have owned a Bind It All, Zutter machine for binding for many years.  I believe I used it once or twice to create an altered board book project.  The Zutter machine frustrates me, but since I own it, I feel like I need to use it!

I have signed on for the online exploration with Milliande, Creating Art Portfolio Ideas (CAPI) to discover my own art style.  With this, we were to have six portfolios/journals/sketchbooks.  I wanted to combine two together...Raw and Observational Studies into one.  This is what I created:

This is one book, with one side for the Raw and flipped over it is the Observational Studies.  I cut lots of different types of watercolor paper, bristol and such.  I put in half pages and thought I could use for tip ins if needed.  

And the Pondering Journal...I needed a journal with lined paper for writing.  I found this old ledger in my closet which seemed perfect.  A couple of quick alterations and it's now ready for "pondering".