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My teaching career began 17 years ago when I decided I would finally become "What I wanted to be when I was grown-up", a teacher.  At that time I had worked for 15 years in the banking and financial industry and was even a stockbroker at one time. I returned to college and graduated with a Masters of Elementary Education from Wilmington University. I became certified to teach art and currently I teach grades PK-8.  Art is my passion and I love what I do! 

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Purity....It makes Itself

I rarely have a piece of art completely planned out. The most that I had envisioned for this spread was for the backgrounds of lust to be fire colors and the purity to be pale in color. I realized when I started this page that I didn't really have any shades of white acrylics, except pure white. It has been my vow to not purchase new materials, so I looked around and decided to use several shades of Pearl Ex to tint the paint and add a shine.

I had printed a second transparency that I was planning on cutting out and using. As I laid the transparency onto the paper to judge the size, I soon realized that the paint was still wet. The transparency now was covered in paint. I decided at that point to lay down the transparency in the same way as the lust page, but just press around the outline of the image (not transferring the background). I then was left with the transparency covered in paint, but I thought it looked quite cool. So, I cut around the wedding girl on the transparency, and placed her opposite to the first image. It looked lost. I decided then that I would create the girl with layers. The bottom layer would be her struggle with her lust, the next layer (the paint covered transparency) would be her defense layer, and then the final would be outside "face".

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